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This is the (The BD_BD) the online resource for information about Jewish burials at all cemeteries within Australasia and Oceania plus Australian War Graves. ( The BD_BD compilation also includes a small number of graves of Australian interest located overseas.)

This online resource builds on the extraordinary efforts of Mrs Beverley Davis OAM who over 28 years visited hundreds of cemeteries and with the support of Australian Jewish Historical Society members transcribed headstones, including the Hebrew (Ivit) inscriptions, to collect over 48,000 entries(*), all of which are now available.

The user is warned that this huge resource is comprehensive but not complete. More recent burials are missing, as are some earlier ones. If you fail to locate the sought details here, other online resources exist limited to a particular cemetery. More suggestions and general assistance on our help page.

Good luck in your searching! Placing the Beverley Davis compilation online is a milestone for the Australian jewish Historical Society. We hope that with the support of the user community we will be able to further develop the search tools available, plug gaps in the database, and provide access to other records and databases.

Dr Harvey Cohen
Webmaster AJHS
Digital Archivist

* 48402 graves are currently catalogued.

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