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About the


Basic Help for using the BD-BD

Matching search strings
In putting text ("search strings") in the search boxes it is helpful to know how the search engines determines a match.
Firstly, case is ignored in determining a match. Inputs that will match "Cohen" in the collection include any of these:
     cohen Cohen COHEN coheN
The database is not always consistent in its use of capitalization, but this does not matter as all searches are case-insensitive.
Note that
will match
     hen henry cohen
and will also match entries including blanks such as
     Rabbi Dr Cohen PhD
when such entries occur in our database.

wild card characters can be used to return alternative spellings.    Thus  
 P_l%k matches   Polak Pollack Pollock Polonsky Tafipolsky  but not  Poolak

Restrictions on search
The user will find that there are certain limits imposed on using the BD-BD so that large sections of the collection can not be downloaded and copied for commercial purposes. Nor are statistical studies possible. However researchers in genealogy and family history who run up against these download limitations will find that by more refined selection of search strings the sought entries - if available - will be found.

Gaps in the Records
No list of graves in cemeteries in current use can ever remain complete and up to date. The data available here was collected over 28 years, and was given to AJHS (Vic) for release with the advice that information on the following cemeteries was incomplete: As is repeated below, the researcher seeking Victorian Burial data is advised to consult JOWBR JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry where in 2010 the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha (MCK) deposited its most extensive records of Jewish burials in Victoria.

The "Section" number The "section number" in the BD-BD matches that posted at the cemetery. Usually cemeteries do not post row numbers within sections; the "Row" numbers given in the BD-BD are in logical order from section front to back; these will help you find the actual grave within a section. Please note that the "Entry" number does not to relate to the grave number used by the cemetery. In a number of entries age at death is recorded in the inscription field and not in the "Age" field.

Victorian Records
In 2010 the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha (MCK) deposited its most extensive records of Jewish burials in Victoria onto the online JOWBR JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry. The researcher seeking Victorian Burial data is advised to consult both the BD-BD and JOWBR. Essentially the records in JOWBR comprise official burial registry data, plus other information gathered by the MCK. The MCK records do not include and information as to what is on headstones.

Good luck in your searching! Placing the Beverley Davis compilation online is a milestone for the Australian Jewish Historical Society. We hope that with the support of the user community we will be able to further develop the search tools available, plug gaps in the database, and provide access to other records and databases.

Dr Harvey Cohen
Webmaster AJHS
Digital Archivist